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Substation equipment is a vital part of a utility company’s nucleus. Substation security walls and fence provide the ultimate protection for those critical assets. Cobalt offers a complete turnkey build of all security options including:

  • Chain-link Fence
  • Gates, walk through and drive gates with footers
  • Temporary Fence Panels
  • Concrete Blast Walls
  • Concrete Security Walls
  • Security Fence with Pier Foundations

In addition to substation security and fence; Cobalt also has experienced crews who can provide and install both commercial and residential applications such as the following:

  • Decorative Fence (Wooden, vinyl, coated, etc.)
  • Residential chain-link (backyards, dog kennels, etc.)
  • Farm Fence (high-tensile, woven field fence, panels, etc.)
  • Privacy Fence

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