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Substation Construction

Cobalt Civil is the industry leader in the installation and expansion of substations.

Providing turnkey below grade projects is what sets Cobalt apart from others in the market. From site development to ground grid, conduit, and cable trench, to deep pier and concrete foundations, Cobalt’s meticulous management of labor and materials translate to the timely completion of a project with quality craftsmanship.

Substation Installation & Maintenance

  • Earthwork and Excavation
  • Clearing and Erosion Control with Seeding & Restoration
  • Ground Grid Installation
  • Conduit and Manufactured Cable Trench Installation
  • Drilled Piers and Concrete Foundations
  • Complete Fence and Gate Package
  • Oil Containment
  • Blast Walls and High-Security Fencing
  • Substation Demolition
  • Emergency Services
  • Hydro Excavation

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