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Underground Distribution

Cobalt is an industry leader in the installation of direct bury and concrete encased duct bank systems. Whether in the busiest of downtown areas or in rural areas, Cobalt has the experience to complete it safely and efficiently.

Cobalt can remove an existing manhole without disturbing the existing conduit or wiring. Our crews can then build or rebuild a manhole around the wiring or duct bank without requiring an outage. Utilizing the Mr. Manhole, we can cut and remove a manhole frame and the surrounding road in minutes.

Whether it is precast or cast in place, Cobalt can install concrete vaults in every size and location for telecommunication, electrical or mechanical applications. These vaults protect the vital connections and controls for utility distribution.

Cobalt has become a leader in the rehabilitation of existing vault roofs and walls, improving the strength and integrity of the existing vault, as well as corrosion protection.

Cobalt can support a variety of telecommunication and wireless communication projects, which include the installation of pre-cast or cast in place foundations, underground duct installation, and tower installation. We have the experience and tools to complete these projects safely and efficiently.

Underground Distribution

  • Conduit Duct Bank Installation
  • Cleaning, Inspection and Testing of New and Existing Ducts
  • Transformer and Switch Gear Foundation Installation
  • Distribution Line Conduit and Direct Bury

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