Accessibility Tools


Not only can our team provide access to your transmission projects, but we can also assist with the construction of foundations.

We have the knowledge and skill set as well as the equipment to drill shafts as narrow as 18” to as wide as 12’ in diameter and up to a depth of 75’. With an extensive line of equipment to complement our drill rigs, we can drill in all types of soil and rock conditions.

In addition to our skills and equipment, our partnerships with our sister companies make Cobalt the right choice for complete underground piers and foundations.

Pier Construction

  • Drilled Piers
  • Large Diameter Straight Caissons
  • T-Line Piers up to 12’ Diameter and 75’ Deep
  • Electrical Substation Piers
  • Vibrating Hammer
  • Centerock Down Hole Hammer
  • Commercial Foundation Drilled Shafts
  • Direct Embed Structure Installation

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